A datastream is a high level grouping of datasets. For example, Environmental Monitoring of Radioactive Substances is the datastream, within this are two separate datasets considering Biota and Seawater data.

Abundance and Distribution of Mammals

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Assessment Units

Spatial representation of the areas used in OSPAR Assessments

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Cables and Pipelines

Data regarding the location and function of cables and pipelines

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Comprehensive Atmospheric Monitoring Programme (CAMP)

CAMP aims to assess the input of selected contaminants to the OSPAR maritime area and its regions via atmospheric deposition

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Discharges of Radionuclides from the Non-Nuclear Sectors

Discharges of Radioactive Substances from non-nuclear sectors in the OSPAR Maritime Area, including: the oil & gas sector; the medical sector; universities and research centres; the phosphate industry; titanium dioxide pigment manufactures; primary steel manufacture; radiochemical production

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Discharges, Spills and Emissions from Offshore Oil and Gas Installations

Number of installations, the use and discharge of drilling fluids and cuttings, discharges of oil in produced water, chemicals used and discharged offshore, accidental spills of oil and chemicals and emissions to air

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Dumping and Placement of Wastes or Other Matter at Sea

Data are reported on Contaminated material; Deposit site coordinates; Dredging site coordinates; Details of activity; and Contaminant loads, around dumping or placement of waste or other matter activities

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Data made available via the European Environment Agency

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EMODnet Human Activities

Data linked to OSPAR activities which are made available via the EMODnet Human Activities portal. Data presented here are served as a webservice from the EMODnet Portal

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Encounters with Dumped Chemical and Conventional Munitions

Locations of encounters with dumped chemical weapons and munitions in the OSPAR maritime area

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Environmental Monitoring of Radioactive Substances

Concentrations of radioactive substances in the marine environment: surface seawater and biota

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Data from the European Statistical data provider, Eurostat

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Extraction of Marine Sediments

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Fishing for Litter

Locations of Harbours in the OSPAR area where participating fishing vessels deposit bags filled with litter recovered in hauls

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Food webs

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Habitats in the North-East Atlantic Ocean

OSPAR threatened or declining habitats

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Shapefiles, data snapshots and data results for the Intermediate Assessment 2017

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Inventory of Offshore Installations

Location of Offshore Installations

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Levels and Trends in Marine Contaminants and their Biological Effects

Levels and Trends in Marine Contaminants and their Biological Effects - Measurements in Water, Sediment and Biota

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Liquid Discharges from Nuclear Installations - Nuclear Sector

Location of Nuclear Facilities in OSPAR countries discharging directly or indirectly to the OSPAR maritime area

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Litter ingested by Sea Turtles

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Mapping of Bottom Fishing Intensity

Mapping of bottom fishing intensity using VMS data to support the development of common and candidate OSPAR biodiversity indicators for benthic habitats

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Marine Litter Beach Monitoring

Marine Litter Monitoring Beaches in OSPAR Maritime area

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Marine Protected Areas Network

OSPAR Network of Marine Protected Areas.

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Mercury losses from the Chlor-alkali Industry

Location and status of mercury-based chlor-alkali plants in the OSPAR Maritime Area

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NEAFC Regulatory Areas

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OSPAR Impulsive Underwater Noise. Data hosted by ICES:

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Non-Indigenous Species

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Offshore Renewable Energy

Location of offshore renewable energy developments

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OSPAR Regions

A polyline shapefile containing the external and internal region lines to describe the OSPAR area. A shapefile describing the OSPAR regions.

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Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures

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Plastic Particles in the Stomachs of Seabirds

Locations of Fulmarus glacialis reporting, together with the birds sex, age and the numbers and mass of plastic particles found

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Recovery of sensitive fish species

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Riverine Inputs and direct Discharges (RID)

Riverine inputs and direct discharges of selected pollutants to the OSPAR Maritime Area

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Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems

Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VMEs), (and organisms considered to be indicators of VMEs)

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